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  • 11 Mar 2024 11:51 AM | Anonymous

    Dear Members,

    NBDRA has met with all the important stakeholders regarding the trail access file on January 16th, 2024. In the spirit of transparency, we would like to openly share with you the most recent developments in our efforts to gain a shared trail access on the QuadNB trail network. NBDRA has been working towards 2 option in pursuing our shared trail access efforts for a number of years now. Please note that each option presents their own individual challenges and may impact timelines for completion. The options are as follows:

    • NBDRA to become a trail manager
    • NBDRA to be represented as a club under QuadNB for trail access only

    Each of the options require legislative changes and an investigation by the government will be required on all downwards impact on law applications and enforcement. As your representative, we believe we can adopt a 2 phased approach where the final goal is to become a trail manager.

    However, our immediate goal is to be able to secure a shared trail access for our members with Dual-Sport and Adventure motorcycles as they satisfy all legislative requirements in terms of safety and compliance.

    Becoming a trail manager is likely to be the lengthiest option where we expect a multi-year process. As a result, NBDRA continues to pursue the second option at this time. Once completed, we will aim to evaluate the first option to become a trail manager at a later time.

    During the meeting, we were informed by the government, despite our best efforts and numerous re-iterations of our desire to gain access to the trail network this year while avoiding any delays that could jeopardize these efforts, that NBDRA will face additional delays which will prevent trail access for 2024. To compound these challenges, the coming elections are expected to cause further delays and based on what has been shared with us by the government, will likely also extend into 2025. NBDRA has explored every avenue to avoid this unfortunate delay but to no avail, yet will continue to position itself to be ready to take advantage of any opportunities for legislative changes that may arise.

    We would like to ensure that everyone is aware that QuadNB has been a strong supporter of this work effort and continues to do so.

    NBDRA understands the challenges and frustrations that are likely going to be felt across our members. We also share this frustration. However, rest assured that despite all the challenges presented to us throughout this endeavour, we will continue to advocate and work collaboratively with all government departments to reach a successful conclusion.

    We understand this update is likely not the one you were hoping to hear, and we welcome constructive feedback. NBDRA will hold a live session for Q&A for its members should you be interested. This will be held on Wednesday March 13th at 8:00pm. The invitation link will be sent to all current NBDRA members.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and patience as we continue our relentless efforts to gain a shared trail access.

    Warm regards,


  • 4 Jan 2024 11:44 AM | Anonymous

    Our AGM will be held online on January 21st at 7pm. That's in just a little over two weeks! The 2024 season is just around the corner so join us to see what's in store!

    An active 2024 membership is required to attend so make sure you're registered.

    The link to this meeting will be emailed on the day of the AGM at 1pm Sunday to all active members so also make sure your emails are up to date.

    We hope to see you there!

  • 5 Jul 2023 1:29 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Dirt Riders,

    It is with our deepest regrets that NBDRA must inform you that the we will not be holding the Harescramble Race event as planned at Crabbe Mountain July 16th, 2023.

    The decision made was not an easy one but we strongly believe to be the right one. Your Board of Directors discussed this decision at length and in great detail. At this time, we have determined that conditions are not optimal to deliver the quality and safety of race our membership deserves and expects.

    The specialised nature of our sport introduces various factors that must be considered before holding any event. This decision was not taken lightly and was done so with our member's best interests at heart.

    We understand that significant effort was put into trail-blazing by our volunteers in preparation for this event. The NBDRA board will ensure those people are properly recognised & celebrated.

    We also understand that many will be disappointed by the decision but know that we are evaluating dates for an alternate race this summer, and in doing so, keep 2023 to a 5 race series as planned. Any new events will be shared as early as possible.

    Refunds will be issued for those who already registered.

    Thank you all for your patience and love. Our volunteers, members and their families are always our foremost thought, and the are the driving force behind everything we do.

    Kind regards,

    NBDRA Board of Directors

  • 29 Mar 2023 9:16 AM | Anonymous

    Hello Dirt Riders,

    Here is the latest update on the trail access file.  The reason there has been delays is because things are moving fast and each time we plan a communication, new progress occurs and we're quickly outdated.

    There was a disconnect somewhere beyond NBDRA borders, and so we asked for our membership to assist in shining a light on that disconnect.

    Thanks to you and your efforts, the NBDRA was successful in securing renewed attention and support to the Trail Access goals for offroad motorcycles.

    Since then, many within the NB Provincial Government have reached out, offering their input and assistance. Similarly, many MLA's in your respective regions have vocalized support, several to me personally.

    QuadNB has formed a committee comprised of their own board members, with the goal of assisting the NBDRA in our trail access endeavor.

    Representatives from NBDRA and QuadNB met on March 16th, to discuss a letter sent to both organizations from DNRE and DTI, detailing their minimum requirements to grant immediate access to as much of the trail system as possible. We collaborated on potential solutions to these items, and that proposal was confirmed received by DNRE just yesterday.

    The requirements outlined in this letter included; signage, trail/organization insurance, municipal bylaws, crown land, private land owners, and corporate land owners, DTI roads, safety equipment, mapping, and administrative governance of the model by both associations.

    Rapid progress is being made. We appreciate everyone's patience.

    Please be sure to like and follow the New Brunswick Dirt Riders Association - NBDRA page. Very soon, this will be one focal point from which official news and policy changes about our sport in NB will be announced.

    The NBDRA will be tasked by the Province to inform the membership concerning rules of access, regulations, trail safety, permissible areas, and more. This will be done by registered email address for active and former NBDRA members, and to the public at large through Social Media.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we're happy to answer as best we can.

    Thank you again. Without each of you and your love for the sport, we wouldn't be where we are today.

    Kyle Simpson - President, NBDRA

  • 13 Feb 2023 6:56 PM | Anonymous

    Hi fellow riders,
         As you know, NBDRA has been working closely with QUADNB and the province to secure access to the managed trails access for our members.  Unfortunately, there has been delays beyond our control.  To that effect and as we intensify our efforts to achieve progress with this file, we are looking for support from our members.  We would like for our members to reach out to their local MLA to help exert pressure with your goverment offices and your government representatives to take immediate action on the Managed Trail Access file.
         Attached is an example of a letter.  Please use this as a reference but we encourage you use your own words.  The example provided should help you present your thoughts in a contructive yet stern manner.
        We also encourage you to do regular follow-ups after the initial conversation.  We cannot afford to relent our efforts if we want to see progress.

    NBDRA thanks you for your continued support.

    MLA List

  • 13 Jul 2022 11:09 PM | Anonymous

    Our website has just received a new look!  It was time to update our site with a more sleek design, new pictures and new pages dedicated to our Racing and our Riding.  

    We hope you enjoy!

  • 24 Jun 2022 10:53 AM | Anonymous

    The Members have Spoken, and the NBDRA has heard you...

    Welcome to the first NBDRA Swag Store!!!!

    By clicking THIS LINK:

    You will be directed to the NBDRA Swag store. This store will be open until July 4th, so get your orders in now!!

    We have NBDRA branded T-shirts, hooded jackets, Hoodies, Hats and Bags!

    Be sure to complete the address and contact section, so we know where the order is going!

  • 22 Jun 2022 9:49 AM | Anonymous

    The NBDRA is pleased to announce that Royal Distributing has agreed to sponsor some swag/prize items for the remainder of the 2022 Hare-scramble Race Series.

    You may see them pop up on our NBDRA Community Group as well.

    Be sure to check out their websites @ &

    May be an image of text

  • 30 May 2022 9:15 AM | Anonymous

    NBDRA is proud to share the official results for Round 1 of our Harescramble race series.  The McQuade race is proudly sponsored by Clay's Offroad Limited.  


  • 27 Mar 2022 9:14 PM | Anonymous

    The snow's melting and maple syrup's boiling which only means one thing... racing season is near!

    Take those calendars out and mark 'em.

    We're looking forward to seeing you at the races!

    Become an association member by visiting Race registration opens 2 weeks prior to the event and closes 2 days before the race at 8pm.

    May be an image of text that says '2022 NBDRA Race Schedule RND I: McQuade May 22 RND 2: Penobsquis July 10 PEI Sept RND 3:Hartsville 3: RND 4:Riverlae Sept 25'

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