Welcome Dirt Riders!

The NBDRA is an advocate for your right to ride in New Brunswick, Canada.  As members of the NBDRA we take an active interest in the promotion of our sport encouraging safe riding, environmental awareness, and being an active community member to ensure that our community is one that will continue to thrive. We also organize a Harescramble series for New Brunswick offering fun for all ages and skill levels. We are always looking for volunteers to help so please go to the contacts page and let us know how you can help.

Become a Member

When you become a member of the NBDRA you will be supporting the dirt riding community and be able to participate in NBDRA events. Some other benefits:

  • You ride, your family rides, your future family may want to ride
  • Participate in NBDRA training
  • Participate in NBDRA group rides and events
  • Opportunities to meet new friends and share similar passions
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities
  • The right to vote on NBDRA initiatives
  • Government representation as a group regarding riding privileges
  • Promoting Off Road Motorcycling as a healthy recreational activity and competitive sport.
  • Representing the interests of Off Road Motorcyclists of all ages.
  • Increasing public awareness of the sport and its benefits.
  • Promoting safety and responsible riding
  • Increasing riding opportunities through trail development and access to existing trails.
  • Elevating awareness and respect for the environment
  • Encouraging co-operation between all trail users in a respectful and responsible manner
  • Invitation to Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Join us


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